Dream Smashers – Toon Zelda [Video]

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This time we are taking our Dream Smasher series from the written world to the visual. For this edition of Dream Smashers I wanted to tackle a character that has been on my mind since the Brawl days: Toon Zelda. She was scrapped for Brawl and in that game she would have likely been a Zelda clone. Nowadays though, I feel she could easily get in as a unique fighter and I hope watching this video will explain why. For those who would rather read this as an article however, I have supplied my unedited script below. Enjoy and let us know what you thought of the video in the comments below!

This video was written and voiced by Nantendo (@MrNantendo).
The audio editing was done by Arcaira (@_Arcaira_) and the video editing by gameonion (@YTgameonion).
Special thanks to Nirbion (@Nirbion) and TheAnvil (@MLFoxwell) for some of the gorgeous graphics you see in this video.

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  1. Just why the hell would anyone want toon zelda? Smash fans keep complaining about how clones are a ‘terrible waste of space’ then people turn around and say crap like this. I am baffled with this stupidity in this article

    1. Different people have different tastes:
      Some people complain about clones being a “terrible waste of space”.
      Some people like/don’t mind clones.

      They aren’t (usually) the same people.

      1. Yes I watched the video. But I stopped watching it cause it’s just a bunch of Drabble.. Also why would he use spirit tracks as an example! It’s not that even good of a game. Bedsides I can tell she’ll just be a clone character just by looking at her. It’s just the same thing with toon link, that’s it.

        1. This vid and article was quite interesting…Toon Zelda can be well unique if she mainly uses items than natural magic. However, I do think her Final Smash may look perfect if she possess a Phantom and fight as it with greater power and defense, although the jump level will be low due to it’s weight. I would like to see Toon Zelda be in the next Smash.

          I have a feeling that Shiek may be removed due her game (Ocarina of Time) is getting too old. I think it’ll be a good idea to switch with Impa for similar abilities, rather than becoming a clone.

          And SelenaB, I don’t want to be offensive to you, but certain game’s popularity doesn’t matter when that character are using those moves or items as references, and its never meant to be. Your opinion isn’t reasonable but instead selfish, as proof you didn’t understand the full meaning of the vid. You just made Nantendo upset for no reasons as well.

          1. I’m sorry if it bugs you but I don’t fully agree with toon Zelda being a unique character. I understand this is just an opinion and it *would* be nice to see more Zelda characters represent in smash. But Sakurai has tried and make it similar to regular Zelda. Just like with toon link and link. Even though their technically the same they have certain moves and characteristics that makes them unique in there own wa. Maybe that will happen with toon Zelda. And don’t get my words twisted from my first comment. I never said that too zelda should never have a chance in smash, I’ve been on the debate over clones for a while and understand what some people hate them but yet again they separate and have contrast over the characters that’s been based off. And sorry for calling out spirit tracks, I can’t really judge a game just because I never play it.

        2. “You can tell she’s a clone just by looking at her”
          I’d prefer Tetra, but even then that sentiment is wrong.
          People used the same argument against Bowser Jr. and Rosalina being clones of Bowser and Peach respectively.
          People also wouldn’t have thought that Ganondorf would have been a clone, so it really depends on the circumstances during development of Smash.

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