Smash 4 Wii U Data Discoveries:


EDIT: See stuff that I just found here.

I did a lot of data-mining into the 3DS version; so I was super excited when the Wii U game files could finally be decrypted. Here’s what I found:

The Share menu (Sharing Mii Fighters, Snapshots and Video) is present in the Wii U version. The text for it is the same (AFAIK). There are no additional fighter characters. However…

<– Stock icon. Most likely a place holder (other enemies such as Ridley and Metal Face have a stock icon).
All textures from RandomTalkingBush.

C:SSB4uireplacechrchr_00 chr_00_Virus_01.nut

C:SSB4uireplacechrchr_11 chr_11_Virus_01.nut

C:SSB4uireplacechrchr_12 chr_12_Virus_01.nut

Lastly… C:SSB4uireplacechrstock_90 stock_90_Virus_01.nut

This strongly suggests that Dr. Mario was going to receive a stage. Perhaps the three different Viruses had a different effect on the players (Chill could freeze, Weird could give the effect of Lip’s Stick and Fever could give players fire breath). There’s no way to tell as the models and stage have been removed.

 (Not in game picture)

ui_mark_db has references to rhythm (in the fighter section) and diary (in the stage selection). This is the game’s database for the emblems (marks) used in the game. See the original order below (text edited to delete extra markup). One theory is that the Gematsu Leak was correct, and the Chorus Men were originally planned.  Diary is a potential reference to Swap Note, as the Japanese name is for the series is いつの間に交換日記 with 日記 being diary. One proposed theory is that PictoChat 2 originally was going to be a Swap Note themed stage, but was changed after the controversy. However, nothing else in the files suggests that so far, and the actual textures for the emblems are missing. The emblem order follows the character order. It’s sad to see that the Ice Climbers and Snake were removed.

Please note, it seems that the textures for these series have been removed. Stay tune for additional information.

smashbros donkeykong starfox kirby fzero metroid mother pokemon zelda mario yoshi
fireemblem gamewatch
pikmin wario palutena famicomrobot sonic plankton touch doubutsu
wiifit xenoblade punchout duckhunt rhythm rockman
nintendogs miiplaza pacman tomodachi wreckingcrew
wuhuisland miiverse lightplane braintraining balloonfight diary etc

Personally, I feel this confirms the Gematsu leak. Most likely Chrom was pushed aside for Robin, early on in the development as Sakurai felt that Robin was a more unique character (And then Sakurai lampooned Chrom for even being considered in the Robin reveal trailer and Palutena’s Guidance).

Before I forget, there’s a ton of people to thank and recognize. The Wii U hacking has made significant progress in the last two weeks. crediar released his decryption software, chroxx and RandomTalkingBush made the code to properly extract the files for Smash 4 Wii U.  Without their efforts, I would be very lost.

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    1. I think so too, but fans demanded the quick turn around.

      It’s also crazy to think that they developed two separate versions in less time than it took for Brawl.

    2. I don’t agree. They needed to hit the Christmas holiday rush deadline otherwise they would have missed a lot of sales.

      1. Uhm… if you’ll remember, Brawl’s release was delayed from Dec. of ’07 to March of ’08. It still sold really well. Not just because of the Wii’s success either, but because it’s Smash Bros. Plain and simple. They don’t NEED to hit Christmas rush for Smash Bros. if they don’t want to at this point. It sells itself. They just chose to do that.

  1. Gematsu leak didn’t mention Bowser Jr or Greninja. This doesn’t really help or hurt it. Especially as there’s no indication that the cut RH rep is the chorus kids.

    1. Greninja was mentioned, as a “XY Pokemon”. Sakurai confirmed that there was a slot for an XY Pokemon and that Greninja was chosen based on drawings. Bowser Jr. and Rosalina are missing from the original Gematsu leak but they were probably included at the start of development.

      1. X/Y Pokemon can refer to 70 different Pokemon though, not just Greninja. It’s a very vague blanket statement, virtually everyone called that there’d be a rep from those games, and Sakurai stated that he decided on Greninja very early on. No matter how you look at it, it’s one of the weaker links in the leak.

        Also, I remember now that Robin and Duck Hunt were also never mentioned.

    2. That’s not how leaks work. Leakers share information THEY KNOW. It’s like with leaks in other games, such as AC Unity. Just because it made no mention of the game being heavily emphasized on multiplayer and other features, doesn’t discredit the other valid information shown about the setting and features that did make it into the game.

      1. Missing information alone doesn’t discredit it. Blatantly wrong information (Chrom being playable, the “enjoy my friend Shulk” debacle) does hurt it, and vagueness (“Pokemon from X and Y”) doesn’t help either. The leak’s been a wildcard ever since the Robin/Lucina trailer, and this new information only tells us that a Rhythm Heaven character was planned, not which one specifically.

        If the planned RH characters did turn out to be the Chorus Kids, that’d be one thing. But we have no evidence that it was them specifically at this point.

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