Now Recruiting: Translators

Source Gaming is a website which prides itself on its thoroughness in research, and its commitment to delivering news from Japan both accurately and efficiently. In order to improve our content, we are looking to expand our translation staff. Our translation staff consists of six people with varying levels of linguistic proficiency. Individuals looking to gain real life experience with translation will definitely benefit from this position. Please note: we unfortunately cannot offer payment at this time.

Teamwork is essential as translations will be checked by other translators before going onto the website: this is to ensure accuracy and to minimize errors. We are looking for individuals who have passed, or are able to pass, the N3 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (here is a sample). Previous translation experience is also a plus. Individuals interested in joining our team should set up a Google Document and translate a couple of paragraphs from Shigesato Itoi’s Website—any topic is okay. When finished, please get the Shareable Link for the Google Document (top right corner -> Share -> Get Shareable Link) and email it to

Thank you and good luck!

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