If video game historian was a career that would be my goal in life. I have spent a lot of my life studying various histories and so I am super familiar with sourcing, which is pretty essential for this site and just a good thing to do in general so you do not spread lies. I have a huge fascination with the old days and ips with Nintendo. There is so much potential for old franchises like Balloon Fight, Marvelous, Nazo no Murusame Jo and more to come back in the modern age. At least Smash celebrates those games! My focus for source gaming are the Dream articles and working on Project Omega. I hope you enjoy reading my work.

Yo-Kai Watch: Review

Have you ever wondered who that was messing up your hair, or stealing your socks? Well in the latest game from Level-5 (of Professor Layton fame) it’s those pesky Yo-Kai at fault. A brand new monster collecting game along the likes of Pokémon, Yo-Kai Watch took Japan by storm 3 years ago but can it do the same now that it is finally overseas? Nantendo has played through the whole game and now he is hear to give your thoughts.

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