How to Quickly Unlock Everything in Brawlout (Switch)


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Unlocking things in Brawlout is quite a drag, it takes a LONG time to get a new character. Luckily, there is a glitch that will allow you to gain XP, pinatas, gems and money super fast. I will cover the XP first, then the gems, pinatas and money.

In order to gain easy XP, you will need to go into a multiplayer match. If you have two sets of Joy-Cons, then that means you can gain more XP quicker. However, one set of Joy-Cons will be okay. Have all “players” select the same character, set the stocks to 5 and just select a stage. Once the game loads, then have one player knock all the other fighters off the stage. Doing this while under level 5 will net you around 900-1000 XP per match. For some reason, this doesn’t seem to be as effective past level 5.

Now, let’s discuss the gem glitch. Upon receiving gems from either leveling up or from completing a daily challenge, go to the screen where you can redeem them. Click redeem, but immediately exit out of the software and go back in. Once the game loads, you will see that your gem count has gone up while you still have an option to redeem the gems again. Rinse and repeat until all characters have been unlocked.

The same method also works for pinatas. This means that you can finally get all those crazy skins, including the Smash Con skin.

Lastly, to get easy money just do the pinata trick after you’ve opened all the pinatas. Since there is no more pinatas to open, the game will reward you with the cash equivalent. This means you can easily stock up on cash for the next update.  

Well, that’s about it for today. Special thanks to GianlucSabatini on Twitter for letting me know that the gem glitch exists. If you have any other tips about Brawlout, let us know in the comments below. If you haven’t already, check out our review for the game. Lastly, make sure to follow us on social media so you can stay up to date with information straight from the source. This is PushDustIn signing off.


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