Ryu: The King of Crossovers -Redux-

It’s undeniable, the immense impact that Ryu has made since his debut in Capcom’s Street Fighter in 1987. The legacy he’s left behind has simply been unparalleled in the entire fighting game genre. Not only has he cemented himself as the mascot for Capcom, he has subsequently headlined a veritable who’s who of cross-overs. Marvel, SNK, Tatsunoko, and Nintendo are but among the pantheon of hosts to Ryu’s fighting conquests.

In July 2016 I began to outline Ryu’s list of foes, but earlier this May I tweeted about the article again and it picked up an unbelievable amount of interest. It is recommended that you check the original article, which you can find here! Just so you can see how far we’ve come here.

Much has changed since July last year, and it was brought to my attention that I had omitted a few characters. Some of the characters here are… Well, bizarre. Peter Griffin? Former President Obama?

See for yourself!

Some notes:
– Duplicate characters were not counted, for example Evil Ryu, or Dr. Mario.
– Card fighting/Mahjong games were not counted either.
– Green box outline denotes an Assist character in their home game.

The total is a staggering  763!!
Full list of characters can be found below!

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  1. Googles American Dad vs. Family Guy: Kung Fu II

    And it still looks better than Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite.

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