Tokyo Game Show 2017 – Thoughts and Impressions

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  1. Since I live in Hawaii, its impossible to go to TGS. Instead, I was able to see some few new things through Youtube.

    While I wasn’t disappointed that Smash was never revealed there, which I wasn’t even expecting it from the beginning, I was instead happy to see the reveal of “Kemono Friends Pavilion”. As it was promised to introduce at TGS, I was excited to see how the game would look like. It didn’t look like some RPG, but instead you “examine” the characters of what they’re doing. It looks so great and cute, but sadly can’t get it since my smartphone isn’t region free…which sucks.

    Kemono Friends is the most popular franchise in Japan which I started loving it since this spring. Since the anime was doing so successfully well, I can’t wait what the second season gonna be like! However, three days after the event…


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