Super Smash Bros. for Switch (port) Roster LEAK?!

At Source Gaming we seldom comment on rumours. We’ve broken this rule but a handful of times, and only when we have the utmost faith in the information we’ve been presented. Luckily for you all, on this day we have a HELL of a juicy piece. We have to share this with our readers.

The long rumoured Super Smash Bros. port (of the Wii U version) for the Nintendo Switch will be officially unveiled on June 14th at E3 2017, and will contain SEVERAL new playable characters, as well as stages, game modes, trophies and all of that gravy.

We’re lucky enough to have been presented with the knowledge of the full game roster for the (enhanced) port, and we’ve aptly created an image to help you digest this information. See: below.

As you can see, there are a number of rather drastic changes. Surprisingly, despite this game being a port, the roster has changed significantly.

Useless franchises like Star Fox, Metroid, Pikmin, F-Zero, Sonic and Pac-Man have been discarded. While lesser franchises like Kirby and Donkey Kong have seen reduced numbers to save on cartridge space. This means that Sakurai can accommodate more Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus content.

Staple characters such as Mario, Duck Hunt Duo, Kirby and Donkey Kong have been given overhauled move sets to ensure that they’re ‘in-keeping’ with the rest of the roster. Mario is now equipped with a fire sword, and DK with a banana sword. The Duck Hunt Dog now uses the Sword of Omens!

Fire Emblem is where this game really excels. If you like Fire Emblem? Faw-getta-boutit. All 6 of our beloved sword warriors will return, bringing along several new friends; Azura, Micaiah, Alm and Ephraim. There also appears to be several original Fire Emblem characters, that have yet to appear in their home series. These include: Dark Marth, Moustache Marth, Mega Marth, Marthio, PokeMarth, Princess Marth, Gold Marth, Zero Suit Marth, Meta Marth, Fabulous Roy, The Ike Climbers and Corn.

Like Fire Emblem, we’re going to see a much-needed increased in the presence of Kid Icarus. Black Pit and Rock Pit will FINALLY be playable, after they placed as second and third behind Bayonetta on the Smash Ballot.

New characters include; Daisy, who now wields the Monado, Wonder Red, and fans of Golden Sun will be happy to see that both Isaac and Matthew can finally go sword-to-sword with Mario.

Pokémon has also seen a drastic overhaul. In place of forgotten throw-away characters like Pikachu, Mewtwo and Charizard, we now have Honedge, Doublade and Aegislash!

Third Party selections have seen a rather drastic overhaul too, with more notable sword wielders from all walks of media now finally getting their chance to slice and dice the competition. Of course, notable sword wielders from the previous iterations of Smash Bros. are present, inlcuding all three versions of Link, Cloud and Shulk.

The final addition is Sakurai himself. Who will have several unique abilities. This will include, but is not limited to: swords, and slightly smaller swords.

What do you think? Which version of Marth are you most looking forward to playing as? Let us know in the comments!

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