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February 27th – March 17th

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Arthur 97


As someone who is just barely about to get into Breath of the Wild, I’m personally gonna have to go to great lengths to avoid getting sidetracked by the massive open world. If The Phantom Pain is any indication, I’ve spent way more time exploring the world than the plot. Breath of the Wild doing that will extend my playtime by a couple dozen hours.

Isaac: Venus Adept

Count Bleck and Fawful have been long-shot wishes of mine in a Mario Kart roster for the longest time, so I share the sentiment. Of course, only the latter has something beyond a remote chance because he isn’t flat…literally.


Not sure, honestly. Are the Xbox avatars really that cemented in the console’s history to merit entry into a fighter?


I get the idea that the current set of icons is everything Nintendo can put in without hassle, and later down the line, deals with second and third parties would be made in order to allow more icons. They made a bunch of third party themes for the 3DS, so it stands to reason they could do it again for the Switch icons. Hopefully.


Don’t see how these correlate. Are you implying Bayonetta was chosen from the Smash Ballot just because Sakurai enjoyed her games?

Matt Bankey

Oh, stop it, you.

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