DLC Announced for Breath of the Wild – Discussion –

Infinity Alex (YouTube, Twitter) joins PushDustIn (Twitter) to discuss Nintendo’s latest plans to add DLC to Breath of the Wild.

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  1. Alright, let me just get my two cents on the matter off my chest:

    I didn’t see why this was that big a deal at first. So long as it’s not Day 1 DLC, I don’t have much of an issue with DLC as a whole. As for the season pass stuff… Well, technically, season passes were used with Hyrule Warriors, but then again, Koei-Tecmo and Omega Force are used to that kind of thing and were able to make good use of said passes. This is Nintendo’s first run with this kind of thing on their own, and admittedly, they PROBABLY shouldn’t have announced this before the game was released. But even then, the only downside I see to doing this is the backlash, which, let’s be honest, will die by the time the game is released, and ESPECIALLY when the DLC is finally made available. Regardless of whether or not your upset with this, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild HAS gone gold, the finished version WILL be released March 3rd, and they will begin working on DLC AFTER it’s released. The fact that they’re charging for bonus content is nothing new for Nintendo, and honestly, Nintendo hasn’t gone crazy with DLC the way many other video game companies do, so I see no reason to be suddenly paranoid about this case. As for not the DLC will be worth the price of the season pass, well, if Nintendo really does deliver on what they’re promising (and I see no reason for why they wouldn’t), I’d say $20 is a fair price for the whole kitten-caboodle.

    I see people claiming Nintendo’s being greedy with this, and please, if Nintendo wanted money they’d PROPERLY STOCK STORES WITH NES CLASSICS!!! Seriously, Nintendo may be incompetent with this kind of stuff, but greedy is hardly the word I’d use to describe this behavior, so please, people, take a chill pill. It’s not like you HAVE to buy the DLC to get the full experience of Breath of the Wild, anyway; be grateful that Nintendo isn’t one of those companies who hide half of their game’s content behind DLC!

  2. After the paid online service I saw this coming. When you look back all DLC was pre-planned to some extent. Its just this is the first time they’ve announced the DLC without at least one game being on sale.

    Its up to the customers.

    Do the blindest of Nintendo fanboys who criticized the practice elsewhere jump on board just because Nintendo is doing it or do they stick to their principles and demand the absolute best the game can offer. If Hard mode is what I think it is then it has been standard for mainline Zeldas for several games now.

    Personally I am taking the high ground before it gets out of hand. The DLC not only sounds less appealing then previous season passes, it is also more expensive.

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