Does Bomberman Have a Chance!?

PushDustIn and Spazzy discuss if Bomberman has a chance in the next Smash!
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  1. I don’t really want to get my hopes up, but Bomberman would be an ideal candidate for a newcomer position in the next Smash game, I haven’t played a lot of Bomberman games but I feel like he’s always been a strong presence in the gaming world. With that said, Simon Belmont is my most wanted Konami newcomer, but Bomberman or a Snake comeback are strong candidates as well.

  2. I think Bomberman’s chances are fair. He’s a great character with a lot of history with video games and Nintendo. He’s got a look that would fit in very well aesthetically. When it comes to moveset potential he would stand out from a lot of the other characters. Not to mention there are 8 characters that we know of so far in the new Bomberman and they’d make great alts in Smash 😛

  3. Wait, Nintendo’s helping with Super Bomberman R? Now it all makes sense; of COURSE Konami would never think to make a new Bomberman game on their own! I mean, that would require thought, planning, and giving a crap about your fanbase or intellectual properties (which they bought off Hudson Soft, but regardless)! It figures they couldn’t do this game on their own… And yet from what I’ve heard from people who played it at the Switch Live Event, it doesn’t even look all that great…

    That being said, this has me hopeful for Bomberman’s future!

  4. Snake is in a “depressing” situation because of Konami, as much as i want Bomberman in Smash Bros, i feel like Konami themselves are the reason we can’t get Bomberman or Snake, even if some of the people of Hudson Soft are part of Super Bomberman R, i don’t know if Sakurai wants to negotiate a deal with the company that disrespected Kojima, because at this point, Konami is still more hated now than how Capcom treated the Megaman Franchise.

    That being said I’ll keep my hopes for Bomberman in Smash Bros alive.

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