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Thanks for your request, and your feedback! I’ll make sure SmashChu sees this.


That’s very true! We got into the discussion a little bit last week on the SG Discord. Another thing I realized is that Wario Land 3 was still in development during Melee‘s planning.  Wario Land 3 came out in March 2000, while Melee’s project plan was finalized June 1999. So in the end, a Wario Land 3 inspired moveset might not have been practical because of timing (and as you suggested, models might be too intensive). Wario Land and VB Wario Land played similarly, whereas Wario Land 2 and Wario Land 3 really broke away from that formula and made Wario invincible. Without full details on Wario Land 3, Sakurai might have gone with Wario Land or VB Wario Land style Wario. Anyway, it’s really fun to think about!


That’s certainly possible! I think Lucas, Mewtwo and Roy were chosen because they were appealing to a wide range of people for DLC. It also makes sense, as you suggest, not to work on them in the base game (with the exception of Mewtwo, who was relegated to the “Bonus” character for people who bought both versions. Not to work on Wolf in the base game (or at least prioritize him) also makes sense as Star Fox Zero might not have existed when the project plan was completed (May 2012). Sure it apparently started from a scrapped Wii game, but it was still an experiment and not really a full game. We don’t have an exact timeline on when Star Fox Zero became Star Fox Zero. Anyway, I’m glad to see comments on old articles like this. I try to make a lot of the posts on SG more of a resource than anything. That’s why I always try to include links and stuff, so people can explore topics in greater detail if they wish. Hoping someday we can compare with TV Tropes :3 (unlikely!).


TIL! Thanks for the information!


I need to dedicate more time to it! I haven’t been working on it recently as life kind of took over. And if the NX gets revealed with a new Smash…oh boy. Anyway, if you (or other people) would like to contribute to the project, feel free to shoot me a message. There’s a lot of resources I need to check out.

Hmm that’s a very good point (about the patches). Wonder if the Brawl competitive community would had longer lasting power. I don’t think tripping would’ve gone away, and maybe Sakurai would’ve finished the battle system mechanic. Or maybe Brawl wouldn’t have been delayed, and Sonic would’ve been the first DLC. So many possibilities…

Javadoze (@Javadoze)

Glad you enjoyed it! When we first came up with the idea of doing podcasts, this was one of the first topics I wanted to explore (especially after my own experience with it). It was a pretty smooth discussion too, I thought we would have to do a lot more tip-toeing to be honest.


The backstory/their personality is a good point to consider. Goombella was pretty memorable in that regard!



That’s it for this week. Next week, we’ll have bigger fish to fry!

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  1. Great to see my comment get featured. Didn’t see that coming. But something I forgot to mention the DLC veterans except Mewtwo are Japan only characters. If they were in the base game, new fans would think they are obscure and could get confused since they have clone characteristics and wouldn’t remember them since they are barely seen especially outside of Japan. After all, Lucas and Roy aren’t important characters and their games are old. New Smash fans would also be angry because they want to play characters that they recognize and not characters chosen out of the blue. Remember that Sakurai focuses on everyone not just Smashboards. I think another reason why Sakurai cut Lucas and Roy is because he thought not a lot of people would miss them. Yes Sakurai knows people will get their feelings hurt when a character gets cut, but Sakurai was probably not aware how popular they were at that time and thought Lucas and Roy were just obscure and unimportant. But, when Sakurai was planning DLC fighters, he realized that lots of fans want the two back probably more so than the other cut fighters except for Mewtwo. However, Lucas and Roy are obscure and are old characters and new fans would be confused on why they were chosen. So Sakurai thought of way to target not just fans of those two characters but to everyone in order for the two characters to sell well. He labeled them as the melee and brawl veterans so that new fans of smash wouldn’t get confused or mad. Of course, the main reason why Roy and Lucas were chosen because of their popularity and they were easy to make unlike the other cut fighters, but they could’ve been also chosen to add variety for the smash series. Remember that Sakurai is an artist not a businessman. They both came from existing series, but they come from two entirely different games for their franchises. For instance, Lucas comes from Mother 3 which could make new players want to know where he comes from and might be interested to play his game. This could lead more fans demanding Mother 3. Those are some of the reasons I think Lucas and Roy were chosen as DLC and why they were not available in the packaged game.

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