Smash Creation Project (Tentative Title) #1: Inkling! – Delzethin

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YouTuber and Source Gaming Guest Poster Delzethin walks through how the Inklings could potentially appear in Super Smash Bros.!

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2016-04-11 (2)
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Gaming is a passion that I’ve had ever since I was little. Smash is just a natural stem of that passion that has constantly evolved ever since I got older.
It’s one of my favorite pass times and interacting with people who have the same interest is really cool. I also hope to extend it into Source Gaming and do something to help make the community better.
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  1. Sounds like Norm Macdonald.

    If I can make a suggestion for the next one here (It’s best to avoid the YouTube comment section); Sophie from Style Savvy. No seriously, the casual Nintendo franchises need more love from us speculators.

  2. The idea of covering a stage with ink sounds brilliant, but do you think Sakurai would actually go through with an idea like that? Wouldn’t that require going through every stage and program what it would look like covered in ink? It sounds both simple yet deceptively complicated at the same time… For me, anyway.

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