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This article looks at comments made from the September 1st- September 8th (Japan time).

This week is a little late as I came down with a cold. Sorry about that! Next week is Tokyo Game Show (any my birthday…I’ll be turning 28!)

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I think this is good advice. However, find a good group of friends to enjoy the livestream with. It’s fun to enjoy the show with friends.


It’s something that should’ve been added at the very start. 10 is just too little!

Jeremy g Pagano

This was written before the Nomura x Sakurai interview too. Cloud was picked because he was the most popular FF character overall. I still think a character that hasn’t appeared on a Nintendo system could appear in Smash someday.


I passed the request onto SmashChu and LIQUID12A. SmashChu does all the financial analysis, and LIQUID is the biggest fan of Metroid. I believe they are just starting to work on it. Thanks for your request!





Great review of the direct!


The UI in GEN 1 is pretty archaic. I remember raging about it as a kid as I would accidentally deposit Pokemon into the PC. Thanks for your contribution last month, it was a pleasure to feature it!



Sorry, there isn’t. Hopefully we can go back and fill in that information someday.


Glad you enjoyed it! I wish you luck with your translation career!


I would like to better connect SG articles in the future. Maybe someday we can rival TV Tropes 🙂


I really wanted to stump the other staff members/ Ash Paulsen with the trivia, so I made the last two sections pretty difficult!


I wish that Sakurai would talk more about stage selection/ design. It’s definitely an unexplored area of Smash design.


Bad translations can be funny on shirts, mugs, etc…they just don’t belong in news articles :).

That’s it for this week! Let me know if I missed your comment in the comments below!


Look at me!


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