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This article looks at comments made from the August 3rd- August 9th (Japan time).

The past week has felt like an unofficial themed week — “Guest Posters Looking at the Next Smash!”. Voyager has done some impressive work with his analysis, and Aidan_PC has written a solid write up on third party characters. We have some exciting things in the works for you guys. Lately, I’ve been organizing and doing several interviews as well as organizing guests for a special event — please look forward to both the interviews and the special event!

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What the hell did I just read?

Just kidding 🙂

I haven’t seen a lot of that personally, but I have no doubt that it exists. I went to Disney Sea…with my mom…on Christmas. It was kind of funny as we were the only non-couple there. My mom and I laughed at how ridiculous some of the couples were (dressing exactly the same, or lugging around massive Duffy the Bear dolls).

Commercials have a huge impact on the perception of holidays. KFC is not a Christmas food, but a lot of Japanese people think it is because of the old advertisement campaign. Also, if I remember correctly the Valentine /White Day split was created by a company so they could sell more stuff. On the America side, we have jewelers giving people the idea that engagement rings must be super expensive.

It’s all business =0.


Yeah. We’ve been arguing in the SG Staff chat about MegaMan’s chances for the next Smash game lately, and I made that point again (Megaman replacing Snake’s audio slot). Somewhat off topic but I think Mega Man will come back. Mega Man was also the #2 Most Requested 3rd party character according to Sakurai.


Here’s Nintendrone’s review of Sonic 1, in case you missed it :).


Dang, we’ve been had!


Thanks for allowing us to review your game!

Arthur 97

Already replied in line:

We are talking about a producer who had NoA record 100 hours of footage for a 10 second commercial. And even then, Sakurai was still unhappy. Sakurai is extremely obsessive about the small details.

The fact that it’s in Melee and is unused is a big deal as it shows a change of direction in my opinion. Maybe when Sakurai dropped “Nintendo All Stars” when Kojima approached him about Snake in Melee?

Arthur 97 replied with…

Arthur 97

Well we do know that the title was at least dropped between July 1999 and possible January 2001 but at least before May 2001.

We do know that Yuji Naka reached out to Sakurai at an E3 (more than likely 2001) but it was too late.

For Kojima calling up Sakurai, we don’t have a date. We only know that Melee was deep into development. So that could be anytime. I do have more things to say about this, but I feel like I need to research more. I plan on doing more research on Melee‘s development, so maybe then?


I think less characters is extremely unlikely. Especially if they port over the game from Wii U/3DS to the NX. Most casual players would hate it if the roster decreased, and no new characters were added. We’ve done a thought experiment with less characters before. Anyway, I think MORE characters is almost a sure thing.


Largely agree with this comment. We do have an upcoming discussion with the SG Staff and Voyager about his article, and a lot of the comments make similar points that we bring up. For the predictions about the next Smash, it’s just shooting in the dark. Once we get an idea of when the project plan is/was finished then we can better gauge how many of what series will get represented.

Also, she got a costume! Most likely addition to the Wario series IMO (even though I still support 9-Volt!)


I agree with this Pokémon comment (and the nice easter egg!). Especially with Sun/Moon and Pokémon Go, Pokemon is at an all time high and is ripe for new fighters (even with Pokkén)


Thanks for liking the puns! I’ve been trying to branch out as a writer lately. I feel with my work on Source Gaming, I always have to be ‘serious and proper’. I’ve been thinking about starting a satire website so I can attempt more comical writing. Of course, I would completely separate it from SG. It’s had to find a balance though.


Spiral wrote several long, constructive comments on the Potential Characters for the Next Smash articles. Check them out!

(As for Ganondorf, I don’t think he’ll ever be drastically changed).


It’s an image issue! I think there’s a couple of other issues, so they will need to be replaced.


I agree with this comment. I don’t think DK will get two reps. I think King K. Rool is a bit more likely right now. Falco is very likely. I think IF Star Fox gets a 3rd rep, it’d be Wolf.

Rafael Mauna (@Fire_Voyager)

Great movie, EVERYONE should watch it.


Actually, I think Sakurai looked mainly at the older games for Little Mac’s inspiration.

I mean read the intro Sakurai’s comments on Little Mac

The arcade game Punch-Out!! has been in operation for 30 years. The copyright originates from 1983, the same year the Famicon was born. I was very shocked when I found this out. Little Mac has been drawn as wire-frame boxer, and [the game features] exaggerated enemy characters as if they were from cartoons from abroad. This was on a multi-screen device that resembled the Nintendo DS. Finally, it could produce synthesized speech. It’s not like other boxing games where you can recklessly punch away either, the player needs to think about the sequence of their punches logically The Famicon version of the game is more famous. I understand that. It is also a masterpiece.

It doesn’t even mention the Wii U title. Anywhere in that column. And his image was the Arcade Cabinet. Maybe they took some things from his newest appearance, but I think it was largely a ‘retro revival’.



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  2. I think if Nintendo want Mega Man back they just have to ask but a producer could perceive the third party characters as a constant changing thing and add other newcomers instead. The next Japanese company they talk to would have to be Tecmo.

  3. I didn’t even realize how long my comments were getting until I finished them and went back to proofread them, there really was a lot to talk about in those articles. And speaking of proofreading;

    “It doesn’t even mention the Wii U title.”

    As much as I wish this was true, I think you meant the Wii title.’

    In other news, have we ever had 17 comments featured in one week? This really has been a good week for Source Gaming 😀

  4. Better luck next time, I guess. I do appreciate how you guys notice us commentators in these special articles.

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