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This week’s comments span from from April 24th-May 1st. Let’s get cracking!


It’s quite interesting for someone to have brought this up. Smash 3DS saw at least some strides taking in keeping your settings saved with the costume colours (why it isn’t in the Wii U version is anybody’s guess). It’s definitely something that should be taken into consideration in the next game.

Chris. W

I’ve been extremely vocal in the past about my advocacy for Alph to have been separated from Olimar like Lucina and Dark Pit were. Aside from Olimar and Alph both having only 1/2 of the amount of alternate colours as every other roster member, Alph uses Olimar’s ship in his Final Smash! Not to mention that when Kirby copies him, he gets Olimar’s colour for his “hat”. Hopefully it’s something that’s rectified in the future. It could happen, depending on who the Pikmin 4 protagonist is.

Spoiler title

Having written the article, I suppose I should have given my thoughts as to who the most likely characters who formerly had Mii Fighter costumers could be: Inklings, Isabelle, K. Rool, Geno, Toad, Tails and Takamaru. I was previously asked about this on twitter, which you can find here.


It’s crazy to think that Miyamoto could have been playable in Smash. But crazier things have happened! Did you know that Stan Lee was considered for Marvel vs. Capcom 3? He was on Capcom’s original proposal, but Marvel turned down the idea.

The reference to Reggie and Iwata was almost certainly an allusion to this consideration. I did think at the time that it would have been a good idea to have based the default Mii Fighters on Iwata, Reggie and Miyamoto.


Miyamoto has received something of a bad rep in recent years, which is disappointing. He’s genuinely one of the most brilliant minds the gaming industry has ever seen. Everyone has bad ideas from time to time, but I don’t think even some of his more naff ideas have ever truly been detrimental to the overall experience of his games.

My advice is to rent it if you’re unsure if you’ll enjoy the game as a result of the controls. Though from the criticisms I’ve seen; most of them are fired by people who are either too stubborn to give them a fair shot, or who had admitted to not even playing the game in the first place. If you even slightly enjoyed Star Fox 64, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t enjoy Zero.

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  1. “Smash 3DS saw at least some strides taking in keeping your settings saved with the costume colours (why it isn’t in the Wii U version is anybody’s guess).”

    I would assume this is because the 3DS is a more personal console and thus its probably a safe assumption that only one person will be playing a particular copy of Smash 4 3DS. The Wii U version however could conceivably be seeing use from multiple different people with different preferences for costumes. So if multiple people were using the same version they’d end up having to pick their preferred costume much of the time anyway if there was someone else using the game with a different preference.

  2. I get that people think because Alph has a different crew they wanted to see more but you have to remember that he was always planned like this. The only reason Lucina and Dark Pit got promoted in time is because they took no resources. He was my most wanted Pikmin newcomer and I think people are way too hard on him. He is still a different character despite being a costume. I think you’ll find he was using Olimar’s ship if he was split up in time. I know his up special was Winged Pikmin anyway. Going off the code for the 3DS its likely they were only planning to stick Rock Pikmin with him. Maybe as an alternative to swapping colours?

  3. My problem with Miyamoto isn’t really his decision making (although this has been questionable at times) but rather his ridiculous amount of power over other developers. Because he is a legend, no one can tell him “no”, which allows his bad ideas to appear (this is the same story as George Lucas). He tends to prioritize innovation and simplicity over everything else, even at the cost of cohesiveness or, in Sticker Star’s case, fun. His need for innovation is so extreme that he’ll halt most games that don’t have a gimmick. I appreciate his creativity, but Miyamoto has become harmful to games when in a powerful role. He uses his power effectively when supervising, so that is the best role for him.

    1. I understand your view and agree on some parts, but I’m not sure how much true that can be, I think I’ve read a interview were Miyamoto suggested some things but got ignored, I think it was Goldeneye, and I think there was another one were he said Rare listens to him but never seems to implement his suggestions anymore, something like that.

      1. I’d consider Rare to be the exception to the rule, then. Rare was heavily invested in by Nintendo, not fully owned, so they’re not really obligated to listen to Miyamoto.

  4. “Aside from Olimar and Alph both having only 1/2 of the amount of alternate colours as every other roster member”

    Bowser Jr. says hi.

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