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Another week of comments!

Later this month, I’ll be taking a short vacation from Source Gaming. Because of that, I have a ton of stuff to do! No rest for the sourcing!

This week, we posted Sakurai On: Balancing. It’s an article I wanted to write for over four months, so it’s good to finish it. We also started the Mega Smash Poll: Post Smash DLC!

Soma really deserves a lot of props for dramatically improving it, and even providing new information to it! So thank you Soma!
This post contains comments from April 3rd – April 10th!


Definitely something to consider. Without the 3DS version (which BTW: is the better selling version), the development time might have been shorter, and there might have been less people. We could’ve also gotten less characters as transformation characters might’ve stayed in. Maybe the Wii U version alone couldn’t have justified DLC. Who knows. It’s a what if scenario that we don’t have enough information.


Yeah, we should really make a “Sakurai On: Food Analogies” article someday. Would’ve been perfect for Sauce Gaming.

Arthur 97

Apparently the Spanish community was actually considering it.

As for Alph…I’m not sure. I guess in my mind, he’s essentially a character as he was almost made separate (unlike the Koopalings, who were always going to be a part of Bowser Jr.).

There’s some other corrections that people posted in the Mega Smash Poll post. Thank you!


Another well thought out comment from aguchamp33. Thank you!

Sakurai for better or worse, is always thinking of the new players. He tries to streamline controls and concepts in a way that even people who don’t play video games can play them properly. I’m not sure if he’s not giving newbies too little credit, or if we are overestimating their ability as a community. I met someone recently who has been playing Ocarina of Time for over 10 years. And they just got to the Forest Temple.



Me too! Nintendo vs. Capcom seems like a great idea, and I hope they can get it working!



When playing with my friends in real life, time is the go-to-battle. They aren’t competitive, and we tend to enjoy fighting against each other with items on. Playing Smash while drinking beers is a great way to pass the time. Stock is the go-to for more serious battles, but with younger siblings or with people not that good at the game, time is going to be better (Long story short, I agree with Garo).

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  1. But the real questions is, will you do a featured comments piece…for featured comments on featured comments pieces?
    *comment featuring intensifies*

  2. Thanks for having my comment featured this week, Push! Honestly, I can see Nintendo vs. Capcom doing what Smash Bros. doesn’t do all that often: Add obscure characters. That seems to be something Capcom’s “vs.” series is quite famous for, adding characters like Saki Omokane, Lou from Three Wonders, the Unknown Soldiers, Pure and Fur, etc. Granted, out of the ones I named, Saki’s the only to be playable in a later Capcom vs. game, but I think it still speaks for itself, right?

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