Mega Smash Poll — Post Smash DLC

Smash Poll Post DLC


This poll is to measure the reception of Smash DLC in the Smash community. It’s a follow up to the Mega Smash Poll (results here).

I’ve done a couple of things to improve the data quality this time around.

First, is that the poll is only available in English. English received the most amount of responses, and adding additional languages messed up the entry sheet (see the results above).

In addition, the data will be 100% public, from the start. Part of the reason I had issues with the first one is because I said I would delete the names from the poll before publishing it. Google Forms has a good visualization for a lot of the answers and I allowed anyone who answered the form access to that view. Because of this, if you don’t want your answers tied to your handle or real name, please use a pseudonym.

There’s also questions about Mii legality, Bayonetta and which characters need buffs/ nerfs.

Lastly, I dropped the trivia section. Instead, I added a section where you guys can provide feedback on Source Gaming. I would really appreciate it if you guys answered those questions (It’s 100% optional).

We’ve also done some other polls, and in following with that tradition I thought it would be great to have another one. Here’s a link to the Individual Character Poll Results, Perception of Smash DLC in Japan: Redux, and the Mini Smash Poll results. There are some short comings to online polling, but it’s still fun!


The data will be made public after the poll finishes. Right now, I’m planning on leaving this poll open until May 15th, 2016. Follow us on Twitter for more updates!

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  1. I love taking polls like this, this’ll be fun to fill out.

    Also, I hate to be the guy to point this out, but “Where you disappointed with the content?” should be “Were you disappointed with the content?”.

  2. Hey guys, just finished the survey and I have one small opinion that I haven’t heard anywhere else regulating miis and couldn’t fill it in with the survey. I believe that the community should come together and find the best set for each mii fighter, only making that set legalized so people that don’t want them will only have to learn a few match ups, and people that use them will have the best sets possible. You guys did a great job with the poll! (Sorry for the long comment)

  3. Are people really pushing to ban Bayonetta? I don’t like her and hate fighting her, but is it really that wide-spread? Also, why did you specifically put Alph on the list when you did not for the other alts?

    1. People are comparing her to Brawl Meta Knight, but she honestly isn’t that level of broken. Plus, there’s still the potential of future balance patches to address her more unfair methods of killing. I don’t think she needs to be banned,

      1. With DLC characters once the new wears off they tend to become more manageable after people start to learn how to counter them. That should really be taken into consideration. Witch-time is really annoying though…

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