Reminder: Sakurai Live Stream is Tomorrow!

Livestream announcement (2)

This is a quick reminder that tomorrow (March 10th) at 9:30 PM Japan Time, Sakurai will host a livestream to celebrate his 500th Famitsu Column. The livestream will be hosted on the Famitsu Channel on NicoNico Douga (Direct link to the program). The official Japanese announcement is here.

Please Note: Sakurai’s footage is pre-recorded (so it’s essentially the same format as the previous Smash Broadcast).

Starting Time:

7:30 AM – NYC
12:30 PM – LONDON
9:30 PM – TOKYO

Source Gaming will be live-tweeting translations from the live-stream. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with what Sakurai says. After the live-stream, we will put up a summary of everything that Sakurai said throughout the event. Soma, Masked Man, SutaMen and PushDustIn will be on deck to help with the live translations!

Translations will be marked by #SakuraiLive on Twitter!

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    1. The heck is so egomaniacal about that? In case you haven’t noticed, celebrating milestones is a thing that people in general tend to do, be it birthdays, amount of subscribers or whatnot. I bet you wouldn’t bat an eye if a dev you didn’t loathe as much did something like this.

      1. J.G. spends all his time leaving butthurt comments on every single Sakurai article. It’s a special kind of dedication.

        1. Wait, really?
          Oh man, that’s a very scumbag-ish thing to do.
          Someone needs to ban J.G. just to take away the last joy he has at this point.

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