Translated Boxing Ring Titles for DLC Characters

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Real quick video we put together for you guys. Here’s the table for those of you who dislike videos.

Character Japanese Literal Japanese English
Mewtwo 覚醒する遺伝子 The Genetic Awakening A Legend Reawakens
Roy 若き獅子 The Young Lion The Young Lion
Lucas タツマイリの少年 The Boy from Tazmily Boy from Nowhere
Ryu 不断の探求者 The Constant Wanderer Tireless Wanderer
Cloud ソルジャー・クラス1st SOLDIER 1st Class SOLDIER 1st Class
Bayonetta アンブラの魔女 Umbra Witch Umbra Witch
Corrin 竜の血族 Blood of Dragons Blood of Dragons


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