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Lately, I’ve been thinking about ways to increase exposure to the unsung heroes of Source Gaming, you!

We get some of the best comments any site could hope for. They are informative, interesting and (usually) very kind. Thank you very much!

Here are some great comments that if you don’t check the comment section, you might have missed (From January 16th to January 22nd, Japan time).


I think Zoroark would make a great fighter. I really like his design. The Pokken Newcomer comment section had some other great ideas. Will be interesting to see who comes next!


Probably the best use of large sums of money + Nintendo. I wonder if they would accept the backing if it was made available to them.


I made the We Love Smash campaign pretty open. If you want to release something using the hashtag that’s not on this site, please feel free to.


Yeah, I was really happy this interview exists. I was kind of disappointed that Cloud didn’t get a full Famitsu Column to himself, but this makes up for it!

Another thing I really liked about these cross interviews is that it shows the developers personality more than a 1 to 1 interview. I really get a sense of Nomura and Sakurai’s working relationship from this interview! It really does seem that Sakurai had a lot of freedom.


Thanks for sharing your history with Smash! Smash does bring a lot of passion out of its’ fans :).


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  1. What’s interesting–and a bit troublesome–about Zoroark is how his character is tied his illusion abilities. They implemented those powers rather well into the mainline turn-based game, but it’s tough to imagine how you’d get that part of Zoroark’s identity across in a fighting game (as I’m sure people have pointed out with Smash). Though if they cross that hurdle, it could make for an AMAZINGLY distinct character.

  2. Smash has been part of my happy childhood memories…although I was still a teenager back then. I can still remember how fun Smash was back then, and I still believe the game will stay as fun, no matter who joins Smash for the first time.

    Thank you so much for choosing my comments!

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