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Hello! We are working very hard on translating the Melee website. We decided to ramp up our translation focus on the character introduction pages in order to give everyone a better picture of Melee, and its’ character. Special thanks to soma for providing assistance with this translation.

All comments were originally written by Sakurai himself. You can see Sakurai’s individual picture comments by hovering your mouse over the image.  Originally pictures were given their own page, but for the sake of brevity I combined them. The original page can be accessed here.

Updated: July 17th, 2001

The boy who has strength of heart, Ness.

To tell the truth, initially he was going to be replaced by the protagonist of MOTHER 3, but stuff happened and there were delays, so we ended up going back to the original.

At first, his new special move “PK Flash” looks like a pretty weak projectile.
And if you just fire it off, your opponent can dodge it.

But, the longer you hold the button, the more PSI you charge, and the move gets bigger and stronger, and when you let go of the button it releases all that energy in one massive blast!
It’ll hit everyone in range.
If you do it right, you’ll send everyone flying.




(Images taken during development)

1. Heal percentage with PSI Magnet.
2.He’s got some new yo-yo tricks, apparently.
3.PK Fire! That’s pretty hot.
4.PK Flash!
5.The Runaway Five’s car! Be careful not to jump out into the road!
6.Tackle them with PK Thunder! That’s electrifying.

Special Moves
Neutral Special: PK Flash
Side Special: PK Fire
Up Special: PK Thunder
Down Special: PSI Magnet



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