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Sorry for the wait, SourceCast #6 is finally here!

We originally recorded this live, on, but due to technical issues and the holidays the actual upload was delayed. I (PushDustIn) would like to personally apologize to everybody who was waiting for this. It was our first time doing a live show, and there were a lot of hiccups. Essentially, the audio recording that we all individually did was the file we had, the video recording was lost. Nonetheless, we have taken steps to ensure a smoother experience the next time we host a live podcast.

In this podcast we talk about the Final Smash Broadcast. We have a lot of articles that have since come out that have discussed the broadcast in more details.

Broadcast Reactions  (Video) – By Nirbion

Final Smash Broadcast Reactions (Write up) — By Source Gaming Team

Three New Characters, As Diverse as Possible — by soma

December DLC Review — By Source Gaming Team

Sakurai Interview: FE 25 Anniversary – By soma

Cloud’s Victory Quotes Translated — by MaskedMan

The Corrin Controversy — By PushDustIn

PROOF that Wolf isn’t Coming Back — By PushDustIn
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What do you guys think of the Final Smash Broadcast now that it’s been a couple of weeks?

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Source Gaming Team

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