Image Transcriptions of Project Proposal for Smash for Wii U/3DS


In line with the previous post, the following images are a portion of Sakurai’s book containing slides from his original PowerPoint Project Proposal for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/WiiU.  The translations were completed by Masked Man with some assistance from PushDustIn.  The details of any content that didn’t make the final game are listed on the post earlier today “Additional Cut/ Dropped Content in Smash for 3DS/Wii U“,  but for the sake of our readers we wanted to provide the slides in English, as well! Hope you enjoy.

Note: In case it wasn’t 100% obvious, these aren’t the full slides. This is just a “peak” at the slides, not the full reproduction.

Scan Translation 1 Scan Translation 2 Scan Translation 3

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  1. i hate the step away from “realism”

    it really kills the wii u’s true graphical capabilities

    1. You can still make good looking complex graphics without what you call “realism”, Smash for WiiU is probably one of the best looking games on WiiU, and it doesn’t need to be realistic

    2. I like how they stepped away from it. Brawl’s dark and gritty realism was very unfitting for most characters. It only worked for characters who were designed with realism in mind in their own games, such as Snake, Samus, Link, etc. But cartoony characters like Toon Link, Mario, Kirby, Sonic, the majority of the roster, it just didn’t fit. You can have great graphics without realism.

    3. That’s really limited thinking. A game doesn’t have to look realistic to look great. Do you want all games to look the same?

  2. I actually like the step away from realism. Personally it makes the game a bit less serious and more goofy. Cutting-edge graphics isn’t everything, it’s how you use the graphics to fit your game that’s more important.

  3. I loved the realism of Brawl. I get that it didn’t fit, but it looked awesome. I’d never have chosen it myself if I were in charge of Brawl, but after seeing it, I really was disappointed in SSB4 going back to being cartoony. Mario in 4 looks like Mario in every other game, you know? Mario in Brawl looked really unique and kinda badass.

  4. Also, Omega stages was a terrible waste of time. I appreciate the effort, but no one wanted them. The only people who use Omega stages are casuals who are trying to be serious. Competitive players would have all preferred a hazard-switch, since Final Destination is considered unbalanced (but not to the point of being banable). Good intentions, Sakurai, but you had the wrong direction.

    1. Well, competitive players are not the majority. Besides, it’s fun to have wide aesthetic and musical choices for one design. It reminds me of classic fighting game stages, where each functioned the same, but had different music and backgrounds.

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