Custom Item Farming Data:

Been trying various methods to collect custom items. Here’s the data I have so far, will update as I research more.
I need more data, so please follow this format and add your own!

Data While Collecting New Moves/ Hats:

Trophy Rush Section:
(2 times) Trophy Rush: 1:44
Collected: 2  NEW MOVE
(3 times) Trophy Rush: 2:00
Collected: 3  NEW MOVE  // (Separate time) NEW MOVE
(4 times) Trophy Rush: 2:30
Collected: 3
(2 times) Trophy Rush: 2:30
Collected: 2  NEW MOVE ///  (Separate time) NEW HAT
Trophy Rush: 2:30
Collected: 3
Missed: 1
Trophy Rush: 2:30
Collected: 4** (Awarded same move 3 times)
Smash Run Section:
Smash Run: 6:30 (Giant Smash), Treasure Room opened.
Collected: 7  NEW MOVE
Missed: 0
Smash Run: 6:20 (Race to the Finish)
Collected: 6    NEW MOVE
Missed: 0
Smash Run: 6:30 (Race to the Finish) [Got 2nd]
Collected: 6
Missed: 0
Smash Run: 6:40 (Stamina) [Got 2nd]
Collected: 6 NEW MOVE NEW HAT
Missed: 0
I’m using the following trick to increase the amount I receive in Classic
Classic Section
Classic 2.0: 7:50
Collected: 7
*Missed: 2
Classic 5.0: 11:07
Collected: 7
*Missed: 6
Classic 6.0 13:22
Collected: 9 NEW MOVE
*Missed: 1
Classic 8.0: 13:20
Collected: 8  NEW MOVE
*Missed: 5
Classic 8.3: 14:07
Collected: 8
Missed: 4   NEW MOVE**
Classic 9.0: 17:24
Collected: 15
Missed: 1
So angry about this run. Look at it!
*For Classic, the amount you receive on the roulette affects the next roulette. So while these are “missed”, they potentially would have negatively affected the total number collected.
**I was awarded the same new move twice.
Also, I always went to the most difficult path on Classic.
Other Section:
Home Run Contest: 5 Minutes (Was following a method found on a Japanese blog)
Missed 3 (over shot by a meter or two).
Smash Bomb: 5:22
Collected: 4  NEW MOVE
Missed: 2
Smash Bomb: 5:22
Collected: 5
Missed: 2
The good thing about clearing Classic is that it gives you a ton of coins, which can be useful for Trophy Rush.
Please note I have 6 more customs to find, so my data may be skewed.
For All-Star you are awarded the number of customs depending on your difficult level. 1 for Easy, 2 for normal and 3 for difficult. It doesn’t seem farming friendly at all.
EDIT, Monday 14:36: I have all the custom moves. Now I just need the hats. Runs not aiming for any custom moves will be added later.
I think Trophy Rush, 2 minutes is the most efficient way to farm right now.

Data For Only Collecting Hats:

49 Received in between last new drop.

(6 times) Trophy Rush: 2 Minutes
(Total) Received: 18
(Total) Missed: 1
Classic 8.3: 12:06
Received: 10
*Missed: 1
Classic 9.0 15:25
Received: 15
*Missed 4
(2 times) Trophy Rush: 1:30
(Total) Received: 6 NEW HAT  -Wario Hat [Was playing as Wario, not sure if it helped)
(Total) Missed: 0

?? Received in between last new drop.

(5 times) Trophy Rush: 1:20
(Total) Received: 13
(Total) Missed: 2         Was playing as Mii Fighter. Dog Hat came up, but I already had it.
Classic: 8.0 9:51  Game Over
Received: 10
Missed: 1
Lost: 4 + Trophies I had rolled at the end. The items I lost were 3 at the start, and 2 at the end.
(3 times) Trophy Rush: 2 minutes each
Total Received: 5
Total Missed: 1
Smash Run: 6:20
Received: 6
Missed: 0
8.5 Classic 14:20
Received: 14
*Missed: 3
(4 times) Trophy Rush: 2 minutes each
Total Received: 12
Total Missed: 1 Was playing as Peach and Captain Falcon Helmet came up, but I already had it. Don’t think fighters are related to hat drops, as I still have received Peach’s Crown.
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