Brac, the Character Never Meant to be (Majora’s Mask):

See this guy? Any hardcore Zelda fan would know that his name is Brac. Well…only in America and on the N64. He doesn’t have a name in Japan, nor does he have one in Europe. Despite this, he still has his own page on Zeldapedia.

His name comes from another carpenter who mentions him in the original U.S. release.

Original Text:
ッショ! 今夜もテツヤか・・・
完成すんのかな アレ

Tsk! Is Brac working t’night?
I wonder if that’ll get finished.
Heigh-ho, heigh-ho!
It looks like another all-nighter.
I wonder if that’ll get finished.

Original Text:
間に合うのかな コレ

Tsk, tsk, Brac…
I wonder if this’ll make it?
Heigh-ho, heigh-ho!
It’s gonna be another all-nighter
like I figured. I wonder if it’ll get
finished on time.


The Europe/Gamecube updated text accurately reflects the actual meaning of the Japanese text. The American translator most likely mistook テツヤ for a name, instead of “all-night” as it was written in katakana and not hiragana. テツヤ is a fairly common name, so it’s an understandable mistake. When it was being ported to PAL, Nintendo probably became aware of this issue and updated the English test for subsequent releases.

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